Saturday, December 31, 2016

活在当下。But Be Prepared.

前几天听着轻快铁站里播的 Faizal Tahir 《Sayang》,瞬间把本人拉回当下。
I slowed down and reveled in the present at the very moment, feeling my every breath, aware of every step that I take.

Even though my 2016 were littered with unexpected events, it was by and large a low-key year for me.

我觉得 2016 的平淡是为了迎接估计是具备挑战的 2017。

In fact, it has already begun.
圣诞节前夕,一位朋友突然的离去波动了我 2016 那似平静的水面。
Yet this is just the beginning.

平淡的 2016,加上这位朋友离去之后让我体会到的感动。。
那份爱。。 一种不愿意被这为生存而让自己变现实的世界价值观拉走的坚持。

To bear in mind God's Will in every breath, every word, every step, every intention.
To see Jesus in every human being.
以天主的爱时时刻刻包容每一个人。。 。。 。。


Whilst living in the present, it is crucial also to be spiritually and mentally prepared at all times to face both the expected and unexpected.
And this, is what I fear most, both the known and unknown. The future.
Something that I have avoided all my life.

But now I tell myself, the more my lizard brain says no, the more I will push on.
However don't take my word for it, see if I do it.
我依然害怕。。 但因为爱,我要越来越勇敢。


2017 is going to be a tough year with its impending challenges.
All designed to toughen me up by The One above.

My mission in life,我要好好加油。
Bring it on.

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