Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Interstellar: Dazed.

I was in a daze when I stepped out of the cinema.
The effect persisted for at least 10 minutes or so.
It was as if I just got jolted by a dull, 3-hour long electric shock.

I remember the cinema floors with closed shops, almost void of life.
I remember seeing people in the distance as I went down the elevator.
I remember seeing more people and wondering to myself, what is this person's life like, what about that person's, as I sometimes do as I went down the floors.

I remember asking myself, how are we connected.

I saw a kid holding her parent's hand. And then another.
Twice I heard people talking about time as they passed me by.
One was saying on the phone, it's almost 10 already now.
Another was saying to her friend, maybe 7 or 8 tomorrow.

I came to the park and decided to take a different route to clear my head a little.

It so happened that a dinner had just ended in a hall beside the lake in the park.
People were coming out, but my attention was on those who were taking pictures on a wide bridge instead after I took pictures of the two towers.
Families. Friends. I secretly snapped a picture of them and smiled to myself.
By this time, the dazed effect had begun to wear off.

I went on my way to the train station and stopped to watch the musical fountain in the lake from afar. Snapped a picture of it and took a video. With a strange feeling of satisfaction, I smiled to myself again.

During the final stretch before I finally reached the tunnel leading up to the train station, I saw dozens and dozens of staffs of a deparmental store inside the mall beside the lake queueing up to punch out of work. Cars, also dozens and dozens of them, were also in a queue to leave the mall.

I snapped 2 pictures of the scene with my faithful (albeit slow) phone.

More people in the train.

I've never felt so overwhelmed by all the people around me before, all the way from the cinema to the train station.
We are complete strangers, yet we are connected in so many ways that I do not have words to describe yet.
I was at a total, complete loss of words to describe how I really felt there and then.

Which begets the question, how does a film manage to stir such whirlwind of emotions in a person?
Unbeknownst to that person even.

I knew Interstellar would be a good movie with Christopher Nolan at the helm and also as one of its screenwriters, but what JJ Lin shared sparked a deep curiosity in me as to what the movie actually held.

What he wrote was not a movie review.
It was as if he himself got teleported to another world and back.

I tried to recall both his writeups (another one here) for Interstellar at the beginning of my dazed walk that night but it was almost futile.
Because enticing as they were, they were his, not mine.

What is time?

What is love?

And why do we have to let go before we can actually fulfil our souls' innermost desires?

I am still looking for answers.
My answers.

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