Sunday, February 10, 2013

February The 9th.

'Twas the day yours truly was born, some decades ago.

And the first thing I did in the wee hours of the morning was to call up a local bank's customer service to ask why wasn't my credit card's annual fee waived because if I remembered correctly, it was already waived few years back?

Turned out that I remembered incorrectly. Goodbye RM3.95 (charged monthly, waived only if swiped twice in a month, which is why it can't be waived in its entirety, the irony).


So it was my birthday. Of course, being the contemplative me, other than New Year's eve, this is the one other day that I seriously contemplate (make that lament..) on how my life has played out thus far. Although my life is yet to be an inspiring one, the little spark that I mentioned earlier has been growing, obstacles notwithstanding.

I've never felt more aware and surer of myself before, and it isn't as scary as I thought it might be. Things that used to bother me in the past no longer bother me as much, as I strive to find purpose in searching out possibilities.. my possibilities. The road has been rough, mainly due to my own reluctance in facing unfamiliar situations, or in changing the way I react to familiar situations, especially situations that involve beings from my own species, the Homo sapiens namely.

Humans are the most complicated beings on earth, perhaps that's why some people resort to getting pets instead of getting married. *cough*

Of course, there is still a long way to go especially when learning itself is a lifelong process. I still have countless webs of confusing thoughts as well as doubts in my head, but I'm learning to take things one step at a time. Believe me, this is par-ti-cu-lar-ly difficult for me as I have the attention of that of a child. I would start something and barely awhile into the task at hand, I get bored and my attention usually gets diverted by something else.

Which I think explains why I have trouble finishing off things that I want to do, especially things that I have to do. *sweat*

This year, February 9th coincides with the eve of the Lunar New Year, hence the whole town inadvertently celebrated my precious day as well, as we ushered in the Year of the Water Snake this year. I watched and recorded the fireworks with much delight, smiling to myself, revelling in my own imagination and crossing fingers that one day, my biggest dream of all may come true. Ah, happiness!

My birthday wishes for this year, mainly for good health for me and my loved ones, and also for me to pull off something different but meaningful this year for myself, hopefully with God's grace (I am, after all, a namesake, ahem). Nevertheless, may His will be done =)

Happy BELATED birthday to me!!
(got caught up in making Lunar New Year decorations using red packets on the day itself, didn't manage to finish off this post)